Because we want to do right for the planet, and our customers

At Boxer, we know that giving people more confidence to shop cross-border can come with an environmental cost. So we've put a strategy in place aimed at reducing and offsetting that cost.

We believe shopping should feel good. We want shoppers to experience the joy of finding exactly what they’re looking for, knowing we’re working to minimise the impact that shipping that purchase can have on our planet.

Our sustainability strategy

To remove or reduce the emissions and waste resulting from our global shipping, repair and replacement activity. We’ll do that through our carbon offset programme and by supporting and driving local actions in the markets we operate in.

Our strategy aims to create a sustainability network that supports our sellers, repairers and partners in becoming more sustainable, including through recycling, donating and other circular economy practices.

What we’re doing right now

We’re working towards our sustainability goals through our carbon offset programme, local service, and recycling and reuse partnerships.

Looking to the future

What we’re doing right now is just the beginning. As we improve our service for our shoppers and partners, we’ll continue to look for ways to contribute locally and reduce or offset our environmental impact.

We want every Boxer shopper and partner to feel good about their choices. Our mission is to make those shopping choices good for the environment too.

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