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What we’re doing right now

Carbon offset programme

When shoppers choose Boxer cover, we purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions created by shipping their item from the store to them.

We also buy carbon credits to offset the impact of running our Aotearoa New Zealand head office.

Local service

Shop global, support local! Local support for offshore purchases is a big reason for shoppers to choose Boxer.

It’s also got an environmental upside: Our local assessment and repair services reduce the need for global shipping and the miles that creates.

Plus, when we arrange local shipping from customers to our assessment or repair partners, we purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon for those journeys.

Local recycling and reuse

Recycling, reusing and repurposing make even more sense when they happen close to home! As we grow our local service networks, we look to partner with local recyclers where they’re available.

So far, this includes partners with e-waste recycling and reuse operations in the United States, Dubai, Germany, Singapore and Mexico, and apparel and footwear recycling and reuse operations in Australia and New Zealand.

When shoppers choose Boxer, they can be confident that we’re looking for ways to reduce waste created by our repair services. This could be through recycling, reusing or repurposing, depending on what’s available in each market.

Local action

Local initiatives by companies and communities can play an important role in tackling global issues. So when we set up operations in a new country, we look for ways to contribute.

In New Zealand, our ‘Green Team’ works to support environmental and community causes, including tree planting for New Zealand Forest & Bird and collecting donations for Pet Refuge on International Dog Day.

Sustainability partners

Partnership is at the heart of how Boxer delivers globally, and that's true of our sustainability initiatives too.

We’re growing our sustainability network alongside our local service offering by sniffing out local and global partners in carbon offsetting or recycling, repurposing or reusing.

Before we choose a sustainability partner, we look at accreditations, reputation and alignment with global standards as well as our own.

So far, we’re proud to be working with:

  • Climate Impact Partners – our global carbon offset partner
  • Pulse – our e-waste partner, with seven operational units in six countries
  • Upparel – our apparel and footwear recycling partner in Australia and New Zealand
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